Bilge Erten
Assistant Professor


Gender and Development


 Revision requested by the Review of Economics and Statistics.


Female Employment and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Syrian Refugee Inflows to Turkey
 (with Pinar Keskin) Revision requested by the Journal of Development Economics.
   - VoxDev

The Gender of Caste: Identity, Political Reservations and Access to Water Resources in Rural India (with Pinar Keskin)
   - Featured at the Harvard Kennedy School's Gender Action Portal. [under revision] 

International Economics

Accepted at the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Capital Controls: Theory and Evidence (with Anton Korinek and José Antonio Ocampo)
Accepted at the Journal of Economic Literature
  - VoxEU

Background paper for the Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2020.
Revision requested by the Journal of Globalization and Development.


Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 102 (2): 252-268.
Also available as the Institute of for Economic Development at BU working paper #296, November 2017.
     - VoxDev

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[Online Appendix]

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    - VoxDev

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COVID-19 Movement Restrictions and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the U.S. (with Pinar Keskin and Silvia Prina)

Syrian Refugee Inflows, Infectious Disease Outbreaks, and Vaccination Response in Turkey (with Pinar Keskin, Miray Omurtak and Ilhan Can Ozen)

FDI Liberalization and Structural Change in China (with Jessica Leight and Lianming Zhu)

Changing Laws or Changing Norms? The Impact of Female Leadership on Intimate Partner Violence in India (with S Anukriti and Priya Mukherjee)